Thursday, January 19, 2012


here's one that took a while to grow on me - the new(ish) Clinic record Bubblegum - I never know what to make of these guys - it freaked me out how obsessively samey so much of their catalogue sounds, but then I made peace with the idea of mining a particular vein and I'm suddenly OK again. This last record is a bit of a departure from their numerous other albums (quieter, more acoustically centered [which generally gives me a rash] but these dudes are so CLINIC that it's alright).

Out of the older albums, Funf is one of my fav Clinic outings (I think it's b-sides or scraps or something) - it's beautiful (Majestic, Christmas)and it fucking rips (Nicht, The Scythe). There's really no bad Clinic record, they're all pretty goddamn consistent.

"Nicht" from Funf

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