Friday, June 1, 2012

Tropical Review Slurry + Astro Innerviews Media Blitz 2012

from American Gloam:
"Tropical Trash made me cut myself today.  I was listening to their new seven-inch "Fear of Suffering" while shaving. One of the sides ended unexpectedly on my record player. I jumped to run and grab the record before the needle spilled and scratched into the label hole. That jump cut my face with the razor, straight into the cheek. Blood, pain, fear of suffering." ...[more @ American Gloam]

from Never Nervous:
There are quite a few triumphs that residents of Louisville have to be excited about this Summer. For instance, we have a new record store on the brick-and-mortar horizon called Astro Black Records, and we also are looking forward to the much anticipated debut seven inch record from post-rockers Tropical Trash. My friend Jim Marlowe is behind both of these happenings and was nice enough to sit down and answer a few questions about his new shop, the upcoming Tropical Trash record, and so on and so forth...[more @ Never Nervous]

from Blogstitude:
On top of the pile we've got a brand new 7-inch EP by Tropical Trash, a Louisville, Kentucky band with members that have or do put in time with Blastitude favorite Sapat, and like that band, they play a strange cool take on underground rock. The EP is called Fear of Suffering, and it's got five tunes in all, one on the A and four quicker ones on the B. Press blurb mentions MX-80 Sound and that is indeed a good starting point. Weird, proggy, noise/experimental undertones, and, most importantly, heavy without resorting to mere distorto-bludgeon. I look forward to more material, and I'm excited that I'm not quite sure what to expect from it. I'm not even sure what to expect the next time I play this 7-inch. Editon of 200 on white from the Sophomore Lounge label.

from Gumshue Grove:
"there’s a titter of restraint keeping things classy"... [more @ the GROVE]

from S-Records:
"Some members of the great Louisville band Sapat get together and do a band that sounds like the bastard grandchildren of MX-80 Sound. These guys definitely ingested a lot of "Crowd Control" and "Out of the Tunnel" along with some Mission of Burma, while woodshedding to make this record." 

Makeshift Swahili played the entire B-side of our 7"!  Dig it.

@ the wonderful WFMU:

Here we are misleading those from Aquarius Records:
We first heard from Tropical Trash on a split cassette with No Copper (we have a few copies left if you want one!), their track was definitely cool, but also listening to this 7" now a bit misleading, but it seems that perhaps that track was intended for the split, as it was super heavy and noisy and abstract, fusing jazzy avant noise with tripped out experimental abstraction. Which is definitely a bit different that what's to be found here, although not completely removed. TT seem to traffic in a sort of chugging churning noise rock, at least on the A side, thick angular riffs, tribal drumming, weird mathy arrangements, strange sing songy vocals, buzzing distorted melodies that mirror the vox, rife with some surprising poppiness, a distinctly indie rock vibe going on for sure. Loose and ramshackle, with the song occasionally devolving into a seemingly random free noise splatter before lurching right back into action.
The B side offers up a handful of shorter songs and finds TT cranking up the volume a bit, definitely heavier and punkier, sounding in places like a supercharged Polvo or Pitchblende, weird chords, still more mathiness, but still plenty of melody and catchiness as well as the occasional punky blow out and some cool tripped out droniness. Features members of Siltbreeze outfit Sapat.
LIMITED TO 200 COPIES. Pressed on white vinyl! In handscreened covers with photo copied inserts. 

from Natalie @
"Jim Marlowe of Tropical Trash is opening a new record store in June called Astro Black Records. It is exciting to see another great local music store emerging in Louisville." [more @]

from Yellow Green Red:
Tropical Trash Fear Of Suffering 7″ (Sophomore Lounge)
Wonderfully strange debut 7″ from Louisville’s Tropical Trash here. Wasn’t sure what to expect, I mean this could’ve been anything, but Tropical Trash do this sort of weird deconstructed rock thing that couldn’t have really come from anywhere but itself. A-side “Baltimore” sounds like later-period Landed attempting a Dinosaur Jr. cover, at least for the moments between mosh-core breakdowns – see what I’m saying? The b-side pulls in even stranger directions, recalling atmospheric black-metal (kinda), Dischord-ish post-hardcore (sorta), and noisy artsy-fartsy-ness (maybe). Maybe I just really like the band name (I do), but this weird melange of styles somehow makes sense when taken as a whole – I bet this’d be a fun live band to see. You can’t sound like Tropical Trash and not have at least one crazy-looking guy in the band. 

A new and used record store specializing in Avant-Rock, Jazz, Free/Improv, Modern Composition, Experimental, Small/Private Press/DIY music (and generally anything considered left-of-center) with a serious focus on vinyl LP’s. The goal of the shop is to provide a physical space/locus in this city for music that is (generally speaking) not found in brick and mortar record stores: the marginal and the ‘weird’. We’re always looking to buy single copies or collections of records that fall within the scope of the shop.