Sunday, September 27, 2009


Download: Another Talking Dirt Bike


Mix bag of tooled fruits
Monks cruise hovered on cold blood
A misty mornin’ covered ah
A hand or two for you
Sheep’s a brine shaft girl
Sheep’s a brine shaft churl

Hand frock for Rick – a belief system
Paint by number gross stuff
Bleeding from everyting – a kindred spirit if you will
The worker divorced from their work
What more could be wrong with this situation
Her tuft - dragnet of spires and of
Empty swimming pools
Sold me a broken moped for $12 dollars
A Reagan-esque rate

Let there be licked
Not as much as you would think

you are free

zing a pellet rip through the station
not stopped by nothing
tooled and dyed
welded at an hour that most would consider
as less